Dr. Jochen Fritzweiler

Education and activities
1965 during his studies activity as a sports instructor (ski, tennis), state ski instructor examination. Foundation of the travel agency “Ski school Salzachgau” in Burghausen.
1970 End of studies in Munich and Bonn. 1970 admission as Lawyer.
1975 Doctorate Dr. ju. with the topic “Liability in sports accidents”.

Member of the German Association for Sports Law
Constance Working Group for German and International Sports Law
– 1995 – 2018 Editing and management Sport & Law
– 2003 – 2020 President of the ISLA – International Sports Lawyers Association
– Lecturer activities at TU Munich, Leipzig, Univers. Salzburg, Prague
– Mediator at the Court of Arabitration for Sport (CAS) Lausanne
– Referee at the German Sportschiedsgericht (DIS) in Cologne
– Chairman of the Permanent Arbitration Court of the German Motorsports Association (DMSB)
– Ethics representative of the International Luge Federation (FIL) (www.fil-luge.org)

Fritzweiler/Pfister/Summerer, Praxishandbuch Sportrecht, 4rd edition 2014, Munich

Fritzweiler (Hrsg.) Doping, Sanctions, Evidence and Claims, 2001, Munich, Berne
Fritzweiler (Hrsg.) Sports Marketing and Law, Marketing Law, Contracts, Conflicts, 2003, Munich, Basel

Contributions to trade journals
Among others in Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW), Beck-Verlag

“Latest case law on sport law in association and association law, competition law, labor law, liability and insurance law (1995 – 1999) NJW 2000, p. 957 ff.
1999 – 2001 NJW 2002, p. 2014 ff.
2002 – 2003 NJW 2004, p. 989 ff.
2004 – 2005 NJW 2006, p. 916 et seq.

Main activity besides sports law
– General contract law
– Law on associations and federations
– Liability and insurance law

Sports activities
– Active ski instructor, mountaineering, tennis, golf